Become a digital Pioneer

Leverage Technology to engage your customers

Realistic scenarios

Go viral by realisitic scenarios that let visitors experience your brand and products in a new and fun way

Technology is unique and noticeable

Surprise your customers and create the necessary buzz by showing something your competitors don’t have

Improves retention and recall

Due to its unique and immersive nature, AR & VR experiences are more likey to be remembered

Meet Our Industry Leading Service Partners

Andreas Dörfler

Director Sales

+49 941 586 128 48


  • Vuframe SmartView brings products to life with a single App by placing your products on any surface in AR
  • The photorealistic representation of your products can be viewed on all devices
  • Once products are uploaded to SmartView the CMS helps customers to create and manage content as well as seamlessly integrate traditional media such as pictures, videos or documents

Showcase: SmartView Fashion

Christoph Ostler

Executive Director

+49 89 45 20 68 100

Connected Reality

  • Leading full-service supplier for Virtual- and Augmented Reality,
    Touch- and Web-Apps since 2011
  • Strategic Consulting on the strategy of the use of innovative
    technology in your company.
  • Complete Content creation: 360° video production and
    photography, Reality Capture, 3D-Modelling and 3D-Animation
  • Connected Reality offers individual and lasting solutions for
    various markets

Showcase: Nordkette Innsbruck

Gunter Sterr

+49 6151 870 101 80


  • 3spin’ specialty: Custom-made interactive brand experiences
  • One of the “20 most creative digital agencies” (PAGE)
  • One “7 VR companies you should know” (HORIZONT)
  • Clients among other: Mercedes-Benz, BASF & Lufthansa
  • Award-winning work: Clio, ADC & German Design Award

Case Study: Lufthansa & 3spin

Jonathan Nowak

+49 178 615 64 29

Holo Deck VR

  • HolodeckVR offers premium multi-user VR experiences for large groups to walk through entirely new product experiences
  • Special advantage is that it allows users to see each other and move around the 3D environment
  • The experience helps to understand the dimensions and go through different configuration options in virtual reality

Case Study: Bogner & Holodeck

Virtual Service Offers


4,990 €

  • 1 Product as a VUFRAME® SmartView
  • 3D, Augmented & Virtual Reality views for Tablet & Smartphone
  • Your own homescreen with Product overview and your own logo and colors
  • Login: view private content after successful login


7,980 €

  • 1 Product as a VUFRAME® SmartView
  • 3D, AR & VR for Tablet & Smartphone
  • + VR Mobile Showroom: Compatible with Google Cardboard and Smartphone or Oculus Go and GearVR
  • + Devices: iPad or iPad Pro



  • All the advantages from the Classic Package
  • Customize your augmented and virtual booth experience with addon features such as Premium Showrooms, more of your products in 3D, Augmented & Virtual Reality or additional storage.


The Ready-to-use, interactive product presentation

Fully automated processing of existing files. Create 3D, Augmented and Virtual Reality from inventory data free of charge. That means: Upload your files and get your results in no time.

Susanne Goehl

Head of Business Development

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